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Dance and Rhythm Training for At-Risk Students offers two age groups creative activity in schools during high crime hours.

Grades 3rd-8th

Teaches the basic elements of movement and dance while developing the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination and teamwork.

Pre-K, Grades 1 & 2

Parent-child education in music, nurturing a lifestyle of active participation in music and movement. 8mos - 6yrs


 Piano Band 

Provides group and individual experiences in piano and includes music reading, rythm and performance opportunities. Youth & Adult

Since 1992, Sunshine Melodies Camp has been providing educational activities for children through hands-on musical and art experiences, using the elements of music performance and composition, drama, dance, and fine art.  In 2006, Sunshine Melodies Camp began working with the Coastal Bend School for the Arts.  Our staff come from a variety of musical, artistic and educational backgrounds, and as parents and grandparents, advocate for the importance of fine arts in the lives of all children.